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Architect & designer

designed to move

Swedish & French


It all started on these beaches of southern Sweden where I have spent all my summers. The sand was white, thin and as smooth as cashemere. The wooden house of my grand-mother was right in front of the beach nothing but freedom and happiness. She loved super soft bed linnen and silky cotton sheets. It was so lovely at night and it clearly inspired me the choice of the best smooth cotton quality for my travel pillows.  

Swedish spirit inspired my love for well-thought-out and natural design

while France impacted me by its culture of elegance.

I had this idea about COSMO after extensive traveling, as the pillows they give on flights are always too thin, too small under the chin, not soft enough, quite uncomfortable even in Business Class !

The ones that you find in airports are most often too stiff, to big to carry around or put on your luggage.

So, I started looking into it and being an architect, I put my expertise into this project and explored possible material, design, size combinations, to come up with something ultra comfortable, natural and 

easy to carry.

So was born COSMO our travel pillow : fluffy & supportive, small & light, incredibly soft.

Filled with the right amount and the best quality of Feather and Down, COSMO will 

adapt wonderfully to your body and respect your postures for a good sleeping quality..

You will experience a welcoming feeling for a happy restful travel. 





Concieves well-thought nomade objects for passionate travellers.

COSMO is also a great sustainable product with all needed labels


abouT sourcing & animal welfare.



It is the first product of a family of practical & glamourous objects. They are


thought to serve you and will soon follow you wherever you go.



Falsterbo näset - Sweden



At the very end of the peninsula


is a natural bird reserve.

The flight of ducks or geese above my


head has always enchanted me.


My love and respect for nature


has its roots in this

beautiful place.


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