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Adopt a COSMO, the most chic & smooth travel pillow you can find !

Cosmo was born from a dream... to relax anywhere I could be on this planet.

I was often travelling with my two children and could never find how to regenerate in all circumstances.

I tried every pillow I could find on the market but they were too hot, too big, too small, too rough on my skin, too heavy, too uncomfortable basically.

As a designer I put myself to work : my home pillow became my mentor.

Down and Feather it would be ! Of course ! And of the best quality !!

Smooth, small but supportive, totally sustainable, adapting to my body, easy to transport,

COSMO became rapidly the super fluffy and comfortable pillow answering to all my expectation.

In comfortable hotels, an extra top pillow under my neck and chin was helping me find the right posture...

In a car I found my two kids sleeping on their COSMO along the security belt or on each one's shoulder.

On a bus, off we were and slept like babies without having our heads tilt, then in a boat...

on a sofa or bed....during yoga ... on the a picnic...Behind my lower back while working at my desk...

It became the very friendly pillow following us everywhere we would go : )

I decided to share it !It soon became the perfect pillow !! .... for all travellers !!

As an alchemist I tried all possible options ....

Feather is more supportive than down and moves well in the pillow and moulds itself to your body. Down in more fluffy but less supportive or flexible, so the amount and proportion of each was a real question and occasioned several prototypes all checked by voluntaries and selected carefully. The high quality of Down and Feather was essential.

The result is the perfect fluffy and supportive pillow that honours your need to rest and relax. It becomes very small when wrapped in its chic waterproof pouch and will hide well in your luggage or cabin bag to follow you and serve you in all your journeys and life experiences.

Before you know, you will have adopted a COSMO and enjoy a feeling of smoothness and grounding as if being in caring and loving arms : )

On the go I found out that COSMO also answered to improving sleep quality ...

by using it properly you will improve your spine alignment and help open your lungs for a sereine night's sleep.

To discover more about solving sleep problems. See my next post coming end of October : )

Finally, as love does not come alone and ethics is important too, COSMO is also an eco- friendly and sustainable cool pillow.

I was lucky to find the french Down and Feather company sn-interplume and I am proud to offer you a guarantee on quality and sourcing.

" Nature has always been my inspiration " and as a good swedish I needed ducks to be perfectly well treated all the way. As a by-product of the food industry recycling Feather and Down into fashion is a good way to contribute to a " no waste " of nature's value.

And as a Label is better than a long lecture you can check our DOWNPASS label for more information about the guarantee on ethical aspects.

Go to CONCEPT in the menu and discover more.

Have a smooth pillow to lean on where ever you go.

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Cleaning instructions:

Preserve your wonderful COSMO pillow giving it the best care. By following these advices you will keep your pillow fluffy and bouncy and ensure its longevity : o No dry cleaning. o Machine washing on


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