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YOGA... and more

Once you have tried practicing YOGA or other disciplines with COSMO you will use it will adapt gently to your body in all situations !

ALIZÉE fell asleep during this session of YOGA followed by the practice of sound healing with her wonderful coach, Eve Schoukroun ( ). The cricket sounds, only, could be heard accompanying her dreams and total relaxation finding a soft relief to her lower back pain with a bright red COSMO PILLOW..

Designed to serve you

COSMO is made of only sustainable materials : Best quality of Feather & Down filling, 100 % fine cotton case, leather parts as attachments....

As a designer I spent a lot of time to find the perfect balance between Feather compared to Down for the fluffiest and most supportive pillow. The right quantity of material for the filling was also essentials to find, in order for the pillow fit wonderfully to the shape of your body.

COSMO therefore has progressively become many traveller's most friendly and comfortable companion.

What makes COSMO so special !

COSMO was born out of a need.

A balance hard to find

Why most travel pillow did not fulfill my expectancies ?

I used to travel many times with my family and because I am an architect and designer I could not prevent spending time and attention to all movements you make and ergonomical problems that occur while you travel. Then in the plane for the night I was despaired to find some sleep. The travel pillows I could find were too airy, too warm, did not prevent my head from tilting, too heavy and made out of rough materials, proposed only one position, at the end just not comfortable enough.


Spending the night sitting to sleep is not natural, while falling asleep, eventually, the body compresses and many pillows are too thick at the back of your neck.

The result is your head is pushed forward and it is tilting.

Not only : We all have different bodies so it can take a while before you find the pillow that adapts to YOU and not the opposite.

With its Feather and Down filling COSMO will fill all spaces around your neck while sleeping.

Moreover you can fold it, roll it, make it perfectly fitted to your own body and particularities and ways to find rest.

Turn it a little so it is placed under your chin and you will find the support of your head you need to relax on a reliable, comfortable pillow for the night.


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Cleaning instructions:

Preserve your wonderful COSMO pillow giving it the best care. By following these advices you will keep your pillow fluffy and bouncy and ensure its longevity : o No dry cleaning. o Machine washing on


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