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COSMO " Your Feather & Down travel Pillow " with its pouch.


For this collectors partnership, we are kicking off Mother's Day in France with special orders : 


o There is 4 to 6 weeks turnaround time for specialty orders.

o We will add a special card for any present you may like to do.

    Choose your own words to say " I love you " by giving COSMO  

    as the most caring gift to a beloved. 


" COSMO BLOOM"  is our new beautifully dressed pillow thanks to the talented Fashion designer Sherie Nevett, based in Los Angeles.


FILLING : made with 100 % ethical Feather & Down from France.

Feather & Down unlike synthetic filling are biodegradable and conserves resources, as well as being recyclable. They are sustainable and renewable guaranteed.

With its DOWNPASS label you are making an eco-friendly and animal-friendly choice.

Highest quality, fully sanitized product.

Thermo regulating.

Naturally hypoallergenic.

Retaining superior qualities of loft, softness and smoothness.

COSMO is DOWNPASS certified, a label that guarantees the compliance with the strictest directives and the best care inherent to animal welfare and well-being.

See details with this link :

CASE : 100 % fine cotton



A COSMO POUCH with its snap-hook is included with this purchase.

COSMO BLOOM & Pouch fabric design: Sherie Nevett


    By following these advices you will keep your pillow fluffy and bouncy

    and ensure its longevity :


    o No dry cleaning.

    o Machine washing on wool delicate cycle only.

    o wool detergent.

    o No fabric detergent.

    o Spin at 500/600 max.

    o Machine dry 38° C max on long cycle till dry.


    Enjoy your COSMO pillow for many years !!

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